2010. március 25., csütörtök

Tahi Réme Rómeó

Buddy tavaly ősszel elárvult. Apja, a többszörös győztes, híres Rómeó váratlanul lelte halálát. Nyugodj békében Rómeó.

Dear friends,
With great pain in heart and tears in eyes I inform you, that after a short aggressive disease, Romeo died in my arms on Tuesday night 11.08.2009.
I guess you know what we are going through right now. My faithful companion, with whom I spent each minute possible and who watched over me next to my bed, while I was asleep.
Thanks to all who knew him, visited his website, wrote some appreciative words. To all of you, who spared a few kind words for him on exhibitions.
Please remember him sometimes, especially when you see one of his 120 children on a dog show.
With all respect Dr. Farkas Zoltán

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